by sucss6 of this website the world will never go to war again. war is somting that is rong in every espackt of it. putting youre self on the line for others is a herowic thing to do. but what if you never had to schoot ones ? and there wouldent be a conflickt in the first place ...


                                                                                WARNING mentely heavy content.



this website is set up to hunite humanity. and to make sure that humanity nerver go to war again. because war is never needed !!!!.

by success of this website world war 3 wil be prevented for ever !! ( you can help by sharing this website !)


this website is also here to protect the world from being over taken by machines and robots.



 these laws count "for ever". (except for the forbidden tegnolegie but as of richt now those are universal laws)


this website and the consepts are intulectuwal property. do not take up anny inspiration ore copy's from anny consept ore idea.


website in progress …. (videos are regularie updated.)


this law system is based up on trust and itelegent behavior.


this website has coockies ...


working on living for ever !!!!!


(17-4-2018)  what if I owndt the univererse and I couldt put these laws up as universeal laws ? (political purposes)